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Abortion hospitals in istanbul Turkey

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The abortion hospitals in İstanbul is the best place where you can get a help to terminate a pregnancy. There are many counsellors fully trained to help you through the abortion process in a sensitive manner. It is a medical clinic that primarily performs or specializes in abortions.
They are committed to offering high-quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care for millions of women. The abortion clinics in İstanbul  is responsible for providing you with choices and information. They will ensure that your confidentiality is respected and preserved. If you are want to have an abortion, you should go for the best abortion hospital in İstanbul.

The abortion clinics in İstanbul has helped many women. They are happy to deliver a safe and effective approach, with the aim of achieving a swift resolution. There are many people who are pregnant and consider abortion because of several factors. It is reported that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. However, the clinic can offer counselling for unplanned pregnancy and abortion treatment.
The consultation is an important part of the process.


Abortion Hospital İn İstanbul


What is abortion? İstanbul Turkey Legal Abortion Hospitals, Clinics, Centers, Female Abortion Doctors /  Laws /Cost / Fees and abortion prices in Turkey İstanbul / Ankara / İzmir / Antalya

The process of termination of unwanted pregnancies of women has become a nightmare for many years. Abortion is the general name used means to get a tissue inside the uterus. Usually in a special way to terminate the pregnancy in the womb, it is carried out.

Abortion process is also applied to abortion except in a transaction that is for diagnostic biopsy or treatment. This process in medical language D & C (dilation and curettage) unless otherwise stated.

Among the people, for the abortion procedure, "pregnancy termination", "curettage", "abortion" and "baby mind" means that the in that encompasses a lot of identification when called abortion in gynecology and obstetrics. .

The patient came to the physician in order to terminate the pregnancy, a full medical history should be taken. Last menstrual period, blood group miraculously diseases, why do not want the pregnancy, then know what to do regarding the family planning etc should be well examined before and after the operation and he should be given medical counseling.After a thorough inquiry should be conducted with full gynecological examination and transvaginal sonography. How many weeks of pregnancy that must be identified and records hast the last menstrual period to file a suspicious ultrasound image affixed to the patient's status should be against. Processing will be done should be done to scan patients with genital tract infection, antibiotic therapy is not possible, particularly in terms of effective infection chlamydia should be applied after the procedure. In high-risk groups should be made absolutely hepatitis and AIDS test.

Vaginal smears should be recommended that all patients be taken as necessarily.Forms of anesthesia used during this process:

Abortion is the center of our Creation Methods General Anesthesia

In turkey İstanbul abortion hospital / clinic /  center; clinical practice it is not operating correctly and not make general anesthesia. General anesthesia should be performed in clinic / hospital conditions. Sedona is an anesthetic used form of anesthesia to reduce the patient's pain and discomfort. If the pain of that will be spent on operations and lower threshold if an extreme way afraid.Sedona anesthesia is the most appropriate method. Intravenous drugs with tranquilizers and pain killers are created by giving a mild sleepiness in patients and operations can be performed with ease.

After using the abortion procedure in a vacuum abortion it is no longer a dream for fear of women. Still remaining from ancient times on the internet continues to publish ugly.

Abortion is a small simple uncomplicated surgery, concluding with 5-7 weeks of pregnancy is vacuum average and only 3 minutes. Abortion is only a psychological burden. Abortion can mean to take part as a general statement, especially in women with bleeding disorders, procedures for inspection of bleeding after menopause and to understand whether ovulation in infertility research also identified as abortion.

Abortion word scary though socially and economically react to people who have an abortion in improper gestation people an unwanted pregnancy event to forget the criticism they did when they faced initial price, including a very detailed investigation -going in a relationship have a baby how to be a good Although the feeling, when it comes to unwanted pregnancies happen, we began to research ways to get rid of the pregnancy to have a child is one of the world's most beautiful events at inappropriate times, inadequate economic conditions and incompatible combination could become the beginning of the challenges that lifelong.

When women considered the possibility of one day in late pregnancy immediately returns. One of the first tasks was to investigate the possibility of pregnancy in women who do not want children with a simple pregnancy test from a pharmacy.

Abortion rates varies depending on various factors in each year. The physicians, clinics and hospitals to report price required by the rules of the competition authorities have been prevented. It establishes severe penalties for noncompliance in this regard will be applied. should the Turkish Medical Association has also written the media and prohibits advertising of doctors by way of visual media. Being pregnant and abortion rates of abortion on the internet right now a gynecologist or a doctor who wants to study how he makes dr.

Abortion rates vary according to the gestational age ..

Doctors are not written in accordance with the law Rooms price information. Please contact us for the price of abortion. İstanbul - Turkey has also composed a lot of change in the health sector with SSI development in recent years and the prices set by the state Medical has been removed from the room.

How Much Does Abortion Cost İn Turkey ? Free, Cheap Abortion Clinics İn Turkey, Low Price

Abortion price in İstanbul turkey  varies according to the district, while many peripheral districts in the central region of low wages in price up to 5-6 times it is composed.

Where made by a physician only where there are no medical personnel and the secretary work to be done before the process is complete blood count examination, blood coagulation disorders testing can not be done. The lack of room to relax the patient after the procedure, abortion procedures in the examination due to many factors such as nested case with other patients there is a little cheaper.

The presence of the necessary equipment in the İstanbul abortion  Hospitals and Surgery Centers Clinics , the team of anesthetists is an advantage for any complications in the operating room and staff readily available here.

 Both doctors for abortion procedures, according to a study conducted in 1995, are both patients choose a poregnanct termination hospital.Abortion for women who have given birth than a woman who has never given birth Number according to fertility would be a little easier. Therefore, women who give birth before the abortion price is slightly more expensive.

Abortion procedure can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Physicians and their ease of abortion with local anesthesia because patients do not hear very little pain during both operations. In our center we use us in the form of local anesthesia. According to the type of anesthesia used vary in price ..

Physicians have banned the clinics and hospitals compete to report price required by the rules of the institution housing to very serious penalties for not complying to the set up should also Medical Association printed media as well as in advertising to doctors through visual media path.

Ways you can contact us at the above phone number. We also can click Send to type your name and phone We call you some background about our abortion rates.

Abortion should need to contact us and we will help you on the price. Abortion our prices in Turkey İstanbul , Ankara , İzmir, Antalya  to be the best way we can help, we need to know the week.

The European side of Istanbul, abortion cost information for the year 2022 / 2023 /2024 / 2025 on the Anatolian side of our patients in many provinces before giving all the details that constantly ask us, "prices abortion," What is the abortion takes a few minutes, abortion rates few pounds. The regular price is determined by what abortion.

Abortion costs in istanbul rates of abortion in  2022 / 2023 /2024 / 2025   Returning to the information, which should call your obstetrician ,will ask you how many weeks pregnant you are sure before. "

How Much Does Abortion Cost İn İstanbul?

Abortion Cost İn istanbul 700, 800 . Current abortion rates can call our office at İstanbul / Turkey  to get the list.

You can read the books I have written for female birth abortion event.After the events of abortion procedures used in vacuum abortion, it appeared to be a dream for fear of women. Abortion is only psychologically but the process actually takes a distressed condition so short (only 4 min operation and the patient feel 30 min ) the place of abortion in general as a result of becoming a mandatory protection mania. Especially in women with bleeding disorders, menstrual disorders in mind future events " I wonder if I should have an abortion" is.

Abortion in the case against our people on the internet to provide rigging tactics are called in this question should wonder how search engines;

termination of pregnancy

curettage, abortion,

pregnancy termination,

Abortion words begin scary though, social and many details of the research, including price economically people react to people who have an abortion in inappropriate pregnancy and ignore the criticisms they make when faced with an unwanted pregnancy event initially. In a relationship that goes well, though how a nice feeling to have a baby may become insufficient economic conditions and the onset of difficulty, which will last a lifetime incompatible combination. Even more questions come to mind such as abortion wonder what happens if I'm not coming in the first place.

When women considered the possibility of one day in late pregnancy immediately returns. One of the first tasks was to investigate the possibility of pregnancy in women who do not want children with a simple pregnancy test from a pharmacy.

Abortion rates varies depending on various factors in each year.

Abortion Prices occur search results in a number of ways.

Abortion rates vary according to gestational age. up to 10 weeks, and the legal process; After 10 weeks, abortion is not possible in certain cases.

İstanbul Abortion Doctors are not written in accordance with the law Rooms price information. Turkey has also composed a lot of change in the health sector with SSI development in recent years and prices Doctors can contact us for the price it is forbidden by the Chamber.

Abortion price varies according to the district, due to the implementation of price is done according to the value of the individuals who built the neighborhood. If we do not make such a distinction. Abortion our price is the same for everyone.

According to the places where there are no medical personnel, doctors and secretaries about the work that they want a complete blood count tests are the subject of specialist examination to be done before the process begins not to be asked some tests. Abortion is intervention after a certain period be like if it can be done anywhere.

The presence of the necessary equipment in the Hospital and Surgery Centers, the team found that the anesthesiologist is ready for any complications in the operating room ready and the team is always important. complicated cases may occur where they must be ready to intervene.

Abortion can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Physicians and their patients comfortable as well as the very least do not make abortion with local anesthesia during the procedure because of pain in a patient already see and hear does not want to hear when you are finished just do not feel the process is provided. In our center we use us in the form of local anesthesia. According to the type of anesthesia used vary in price ...

Physicians have banned the clinics and hospitals compete to report price required by the rules of the institution housing to very serious penalties for not complying to the set up should also. Turkish  Medical Association printed media as well as in advertising to doctors through visual media path.

How is an abortion?

Today, the safest method of abortion with vacuum "abortion technique" how to examine the direction abortion can read our article on our site that is the subject.

Abortion Price İstanbul 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019

 abortion rates in 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019will have to learn by communicating as mentioned above.

Abortion after sexual intercourse.....attention must be paid to what happens after an abortion, especially abortion after sexual intercourse to find the time to begin to re-read writing on the back.

Istanbul Abortion Turkey

Istanbul abortion, which will take place in the Special European Abortion  Hospital. In Istanbul you can also browse our article on abortion again performed on the abortion rate. It is required number of abortions performed in more otam hospital in Istanbul. Abortion is only allowed to be done in the hospital and in the examination.

Tests Pre-Abortion

Some of the physicians who perform abortions in practice on websites, have clotting disorder before he wrote that abortion should be performed blood tests. But we know that they do blood tests prior to the abortion clinic.

Abortion process operation is bleeding, coagulation disorders in patients suspected to be investigated before this process and, if necessary tests in special cases precautions must be carried out by making abortion.complete blood count on your absolute abortion doctor, you are cautioned to do the tests such as clotting time, bleeding and INR. In some practice in making small pregnancy is not a drawback, but could at least look at INR physician must establish a system of practice.

Unwanted pregnancy week of pregnancy abortion in terms of the legal limit is 10, is designated as a week. In women above the age of 18 days can be made of a legal until the 10th week of unwanted pregnancies. with girls under the age of 18 with the signature or consent of her parents can make an unwanted pregnancy, induced abortion. legally perform abortions after the 10th week and is prohibited to take out. 10 weeks after the termination of unwanted healthy physicians who process and make a patient's pregnancy agar trial in criminal court.

If you have any disability you if the baby or if you need any disease your due termination of pregnancy 26 weeks until the completion of this process case necessarily in public hospitals or the University of knowledge about the special board decisions of perinatology at the hospital if a doctor can make a physician and amniocentesis amniocentesis as a result of chromosomal abnormalities can be performed without the need to establish decision could be proved.

The best time to drain the unwanted pregnancy of 5-9 weeks. From time to time, patients sometimes young girls making mistake in this calculation because doctors are now reaching social reasons and legal spend pregnancy evacuation time.On our site you can find out how many weekly pregnancy calendar with all the risks of abortion pregnancy week pregnancy that grows naturally increases and extends the abortion took after the patient's self-healing and recovery time.

Abortion Risks

Uterine perforation (perforation)

tear to occur in the mouth of the womb


The continuation of pregnancy

Intrauterine blood build-up (hematometra)

Abortion Things failure

Part stay (Rest Placente)

Being of adhesions (Ashermann Syndrome)

Uterus  Puncture: quite and uncontrolled movements with intervention prior to the examination is rear-facing, which in this operation more often carelessly hard with movement .Risk gestational age because vacuum but grows up because of hormone progestren pregnant uterus because plastic cannula used in curettage decreased in incidence since.Generally the hole is small and the womb of the hill to no bleeding is near the place where there is little the bleeding area and the hole itself over a process in the patient's life functions followed closely ,eg If you have a suspicious condition is diagnosed by laparoscopy.

Tears formed of the cervix: Spark called cervical extension with metal formation while cervical tear occurs tearing matter, especially towards the cervical margin cause abortion in cases of cervical insufficiency and future pregnancies olabilir.enfeksiyo's: when non-sterile environments in or conducted operations with tools or although given the patient's post-abortion counseling early sexual intercourse, full bathroom, entering the pool, it occurs 3-4 days after infection process for reasons such as use of antibiotics. Pain smelling discharge, sensitivity, and excess bleeding. Preventive measures should be used for antibiotics. Continuation of pregnancy: before crossing the abortion procedure must ultrasound and when examined ,only abortion even before the gestational sac formed by looking at the pregnancy test pregnancy continued during operations into the vacuum nozzle may be segments of thickening of the mucosa of the uterus and them well gestation crops like examination if the abortion is performed without the patient to have the uterus pregnancy sac pair of eyes reviewing the collection of the uterus thicker layer.

Parts having the (rest placenta) before abortions in principle with ultrasound gestational sac should be seen and finished after he had re ultrasound and looking at a possible molds remain as part of the  signs of being a little more and fragmented bleeding, pelvic pain case Always consult your doctor.

Intrauterine congestion (hematometra): Sometimes the closure of intrauterine blood vessels and blood accumulation in the uterus due to the closing of the cervix that his groin pain from time to time itself remains are inside part with the piece bleeding and abortion is done well percent after the operation, all patients ultrasound examination with dilation of the spark plug in the middle of such a false identification mouth usually solves the problem.

Failed curettage: the burning wound in the cervix, conization, operations such as caesarean section, inflammatory conjoined with, the formation and collapse of the cervix uterus, such as fibroid polyp mouth can not be performed during the dilatation and curettage

in response to a possible uterine rupture of the womb is safe and need for providing the opening of the cervix vagina issue until both the opening cervix with certain drugs taken drug is used in the control of physicians.

Asherman's syndrome (adhesions): excessive scraping of the mucosa intrauterine or post-abortion infections developments may cause due to occur or early low to cause as olur.tedav supporting the mucosa uterus with hormone drugs after the opening of adhesion to the uterus stuck

Abortion Law in turkey , İstanbul.Legal Abortion


Article 5: The tenth week of pregnancy for the mother's health is not until full medical drawbacks if the uterus is discharged upon request.

The gestation period of ten weeks, more than the womb during the pregnancy, evacuation and mothers of will or that threaten the life or to be born babies for generations it will follow where it can cause severe disability specialist obstetrics and gynecology and based on objective findings of an expert from the relevant branch reasoned reports it is.Too rushed to intervene in cases where the life and vital organs from someone threatening emergency situations in the case of physicians authorized to determine the necessary intervention that is discharged womb. But doctors this intervention before or since intervention in cases where it is impossible at the latest the identity of the woman who made intervention within twenty-four hours, intervention and intervention require it of the reasons for the Health and Social Assistance Directorate in the provinces, it is required to notify the district in the government medical offices. It is composed of what the case of emergency and with the form and nature of the notification addressed to the sterilization and the shape of the permit will be required from accepting the uterine evacuation and filling procedures, and place them to do, to be found in this place health and other conditions and matters relating to the supervision and control of these in-laws to be specified.


ARTICLE 6: 5 referred to in Article intervene pregnant woman's permission, with little of the consent of the minor parent's permission, the minors in the minors or distinctive non-availability under custody and the magistrate with guardian's consent depends not allow it. However, mental disability because of their own accord to evacuate the uterus of pregnant women with no freedom of consciousness is not required. 5. The substance of married persons and consent to be mentioned in the first paragraph, you will need the consent of his wife.Parents need time or peace demonstrated get permission from the court and, if immediate action is not required or permitted to be life-threatening emergency cases, one of the vital organs.


ARTICLE 468: the child without the consent of a woman given to anyone 7 years up to 12 years imprisonment.period of ten weeks, with the consent of the woman without a long-existing medical reasons düşürt that one child 2 to 5 years imprisonment of pregnancy are given. the woman consents to reduce the child will receive the same punishment.written verbs in the first paragraph; If the offender caused the death of women 15 to 20 years and the body is caused by a loss of 8 years it is given up to 12 years imprisonment.written verbs in the second paragraph; If the woman's 5 years if the offender caused the death of a 12 year caused bodily injury and up to 3 to 8 years of imprisonment awarded. Pregnant women who believed in certain acts in order to abortion on a woman without the consent of one woman's death is caused by loss or body 452 and Article 456 are punishable by the provisions.The gestation period of ten weeks reduces the child asking for more women to be given up to 1 to 4 years of imprisonment.

Article 470: Uterine evacuation to an unauthorized person, the duration of pregnancy is abortion with the consent of a woman with less than ten weeks, if in 2 years up to 4 years is punishable by imprisonment. If the woman's death or physical acts caused a loss, the offender will be punished by the provisions of Article 456 and 452 also.Evacuation to a person without authorization Article 468 1. 2. 3. and if he committed acts provided for in paragraph 4, the penalty is increased by 1/3.A person who is not authorized to evacuate the uterus; drugs to düşürt the child of a woman believed to pregnant women, no matter on some actions and causes loss of the woman's death or body for the purpose of abortion without the consent of the woman believed to equipment supply it or pregnant, 452 and 456 substances will be punished by the provisions. The women finished the act with the consent of the penalty is reduced by 1/3.

GO ON PREGNANCY WEEK in uterine evacuation

Article 3: the tenth week of pregnancy in terms of women's health is not until full medical drawbacks if the uterus is discharged upon request.Uterine evacuation gynecology and obstetrics experts are made.However, seeing the ministry proficiency courses at training centers opened gynecology practitioners are able to evacuate the uterus with menstrual regulation method of control and supervision of specialists.

ARTICLE 4: Ten weeks pass evacuate the uterus during pregnancy, a) where they practice their profession obstetrics and gynecology specialists, b) they do GPs in the official medical institutions with menstrual regulation methodThe evictions require anesthesia, anesthesia can be performed in private hospitals with formal treatment institutions.Ten weeks to go through the pregnancy in private hospitals with official medical institutions will be made of the uterine evacuation and gynecology and the practice of obstetricians, regulations annexed (1) No in the list must have the tools and equipment.


ARTICLE 5: ten weeks of gestation in the women, uterine evacuation is not possible. The women in the case, however, the statute attached (2) If there is one numbered list saylan diseases and gynecological diseases and uterine evacuation can be done by the obstetrician. Diseases of the gynecologist that they prepare together with the expertise of a physician for that branch of the disease, based on clinical and laboratory findings conclusive, must be submitted with a reasoned report.Uterine evacuation physician, this report not later than one week with the results process is that, to the Health Directorate in the provinces, districts must submit to the doctors of the Government. These reports are collected from provincial health directorates.

ARTICLE 6: On the last week of pregnancy, uterine evacuation is done in private hospitals with formal inpatient treatment.


ARTICLE 8: emergencies requiring evacuation of the uterus is as follows:

a) even if the internal cervical os closed to endanger the woman's life considerably vaginal bleeding,

b) states that the internal cervical clear that you,

c) the products of conception in the uterus has fallen a portion of the cases and the continued risk of infection or bleeding.

Abortion History

In many European countries, America and our country is made abortion legal. Some countries do not bring that abortion is a very serious limitations: in our country there is no time limit in many countries as well.One of the reasons that abortion is legal in many countries, illegal abortion can never prevent supporters of abortion, abortion is legal whether he still approaches.Turkey's population planning is and abortion-related laws are changed according to the social and economic situation in the modification date .; In the early years of the Republic, it has been encouraged to increase the declining population due to the war, then predicting population planning should progressively removed following laws:

04/14/1983 Abortion Act was adopted.1965: population planning law.1967: Medical necessity in case of termination of pregnancy and sterilization (sterilization) guidelines on making.1983: Changes in population planning law; No. 2827 execution of uterine evacuation and sterilization services for the supervision and regulation. According to this, more than 10 weeks of pregnancy can be terminated upon request.

 TPC materials about abortion and stop the unlawful pregnancy 468-472 laws are numbered. The law as it has solutions.,Abortion can be done until the 10th week of pregnancy with the mother and or father's wishes.If disrupts the health of the mother continue the pregnancy an abortion can be performed.Rape pregnancy occurred due to a court decision made abortion until the 18th week.If abnormality in the baby made abortion

Abortion Techniques

Dilatation and curettage: Before After dilation of the cervix with metal plug with metal objects, called globe mechanically removing broken after pregnancy .dilatasyo vacuum or mixed cannula are used.

Dilator are hygroscopic:This tool, called uterus mouth placing slowly expanding and allowing the opening of the cervix bur instruments cervical mechanical dilatasyonun from the laminaria cause less trauma Unlike Laminaria L Ligitat called made dried plant roots after by expanding the bringing cervical sterilized is made of synthetic are hygroscopic dilator. Dilip and Lamicel are used effectively.

 Manual Vacuum Aspiration with Karman cannula:This tool has absorption of pregnancy with negative pressure yields slightly resembling a large plastic syringe called the Karman cannula is usually performed curettage or vacuum aspiration cannula with the hash method. end of this system should be discarded after use is plastic and reused strongly time to time in color when a liquid base is made abortion with the cannula used is taken up jars result in transmission of diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis olabilir.mutlak the physician to mix the cannula tip is used as the plastic of the first cannula for your question is being used.

 Vacuum Aspiration:negative pressure operation sade by him through electrical work in progress for pregnancy termination performed by vacuum aspiasyo pregnancy rate as electric vacuum extractor called made with plastic cannula attached to the tip of the instrument abortion financing cannula 0.24%, inside the ratio to remain part 5.4% It was calculated.

Medical Termination of Pregnancyt, abortion pills in turkey istanbul, ankara; launched a very mechanical method to abortion and women throughout history have used certain drugs.

1. Implementation Oksitoc given in serum in order to increase the birth pains of birth and obtained from the posterior pituitary gland and meaning of the word is used in order başlatnak low dozlardais birth taravay in making early abortion when we use these substances in high doses fast delivery.2- Intraamniotic hyperosmotic solution Issuance During this process, 30-40% urea and 20% saline solution from substances cervical catheter via I giving the outer portion of the amniotic membrane into the uterus, septic shock due to serious complications such as heart failure It was abandoned.3- Prostaglandin: posed as a medical treatment in recent years, and especially after 3 months of pregnancy used to terminate a pregnancy prostaglandins and analogs prostaglandin forms of in-use areas in severe measure:a- to place the rear of the vagina near the cervix b- cervical canal or the use of a gel via a catheter to the bottom of the uterusc Ingestion 3-Prostaglandins to ripen the cervix in cases of late age, for the control of bleeding after delivery or caesarean section is now used to make low. The incidence of infection in vaginal application, should not be forgotten that they uterine rupture can occur and must be used in a hospital gynecologist control conditions.4- Antiprogesteron the RU 486 binds to progesterone Mifrepristo these agents on the market with the name used for pregnancy termination.5. Methotrexate: Early ectopic pregnancy and is used in medical treatment.

Post-Abortion Care  Do not have sexual intercourse until 7-10 days. Especially Wait until the end of the bleeding. Do not use buffers up to a week, wash the vagina. wish you a week of hard work. You can immediately return to your normal daily life.

Abortion Classification

According to the way abortion is classified as follows.

1. Termination of unwanted pregnancy: This is the abortion procedure is used widely among the people.placing unwanted pregnancies terminator the most commonly used method karman attached to the end of the large shape of a syringe called a cannula into the uterine cannula negative pressure slightly more advanced form of ibarettir.b tools from sucking the interior material and electric vacuum cannula inserted at the end of the extract instrument consists attract negative pressure gestation crops in the same way .18 years and older women in their request with the married ones not taking the permission of the husband pregnancy 10 weeks until law in the little girl termination .18 the age of the pregnancy of their parents and the prosecutor's permission to another subject of great pregnancy with the permission of the prosecutor's office in women non compos mentis the possible termination. 2. Anembryonik pregnancy, hydatidiform mole in utero mortfeatalis, receipt of damaged crops such as pregnancy incomplete low is done with the same method. 3. Probe curettage bleeding disorder thickened the part that occurs due to taking scrape to A process for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders that cause bleeding uterus would be treated during the scraping process and the resulting material is sent to the pathology laboratory for diagnosis. 4. In taking part in the Pipeline menopause, bleeding, irregular bleeding if taken at any age, is simply part of the tool called the pipeline process is not only for diagnosis of severe pathological extreme.5. FC been a part of a certain age in cervical bleeding from irregular bleeding, or after the cervical canal prior to determining whether there ?, Is a pathological tissue in the womb is called a fraction of the abortion process take part inside the womb. If cancer is suspected, especially in irregular bleeding, interventions for cervical canal or uterus to determine whether the cancer.6. RC used metal tools called spontaneous part remaining inside after low parts occasionally to scrape stuck due to inflammation due to the developing sphere for process.7. Bummer curettage abortion after birth, the baby is held on suspicion of having a baby inside of a portion of the spouse or partner of the membrane. Again it made with large metal tool called a curette.8. PC   to determine whether ovulation with hormonal causes such as a single point in order to take part from the beginning of işlemidir.adet or bleeding is made from 21 days in the first 6 hours.A part from the mucosa of the uterus with the investigation as pathological anatomy determine whether ovulation is many physicians, a method to detect whether due to a possible pregnancy, the possibility of pieces that need to be done within the first 6 hours is spawning in of the year this so it is done in practice.

Is abortion ban in Turkey?

One of the very question of whether abortion is prohibited.Abortion is not forbidden in Turkey, but there are certain conditions. For detailed information on this subject Abortion Act , visit the page. If you are 1-18 years of age you may voluntarily abortion  2-If married, your spouse, you need a signature.   3-18 to see if younger than your mother or father's signature.If your mother and father in the separate custody who required his signature.If you are 4-15 years of age are required to permit the prosecution.

Who can have an abortion?

From age 18 and unmarried women may have abortions with their major wishes.Married or single women under 18 years can not be an abortion without parental consent and signature.He is married to the lady who was married 18 years and older should get approval for an abortion from their husbands.15-year-old little girl in the process of termination of pregnancy, it must first be reported to the judicial authorities of pregnancy.at 10 weeks' gestation, but doctors at the baby in the presence of a serious illness or a serious congenital disability presence would endanger the mother's life is established by the decision of termination of pregnancy.

What is the price of abortionin turkey İstanbul / Ankara / İzmir /Antalya ?

Abortion rates for the week of pregnancy, the hospital performed, anesthesia varies according to the shape. Therefore, you can not retrieve the charge without examination.According to the rules of the Turkish Medical Association doctors can not give price information in written and visual media.

Is Abortion makes infertility?

Abortion does not make infertility. Infertility will not develop unless there is infection or uterine perforation. In the past this used instead of disposable vacuum aspiration cannula during the procedure performed by means of metal and he repeatedly used in many devices. Thus, both the metal and tools to be used several times in person because of "infertility" or he composed many diseases like this. But now being implemented in many institutions, such as disposable vacuum aspiration of our center

Does it remain part after an abortion?

During abortion procedures; or in order to remain inside track to face adverse situations, such as the continuation of the pregnancy process are done in the presence of 4-dimensional ultrasound. You, your bladder before the procedure of pregnancy, post-processing is to remain part of your uterus and offer a report showing that the continuation of the pregnancy ultrasound images.After the procedure you are giving final processing we believe remain that remain inside track on ultrasound before you wake up. Sometimes 2-3 days after the transaction is closed due to spasm of the cervix and does not flow the blood must flow outside and inside, collected .The few days later groin pain and fragmented bleeding left a physician in the time.We have the inside track to go to the ; This is a complication can occur , sometimes missing complaint a few days later, sometimes we may also collect very hematoma to drain blood and interior dimensions  case a small negative pressure.

If you want to make abortion procedures phone numbers that you can write to us using by phone, chat or web pages from our Whatsapp.The speeches made here for your information privacy legal right ( TURKİSH MINISTRY OF HEALTH PATIENTS 'RIGHTS REGULATIONS RG.01.08.1998.) will remain confidential.

What are the requirements for legal abortion in  Turkey- İstanbul for foreigners?

Abortion process isl legan in turkey for foreigners in our clinic / hospital,  when you want to make a phone numbers that you can write to us using the phone, chat or web pages from our Whatsapps windows.The speeches made here for your information privacy legal right  MINISTRY OF HEALTH PATIENTS 'RIGHTS REGULATIONS RG.01.08.1998.will remain confidential.

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