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Pregnancy Termination Turkey ; Today, it is possible to terminate the pregnancy early with the  best abortion method, which is a method used during pregnancy, manual vacuum aspiration

Pregnancy Termination method, it is possible for the termination of unwanted pregnancies. İn some cases during pregnancy, this treatment method can be applied to patients by considering the health of the mother.

In Which Situations Is Pregnancy Termination Performed İn istanbul?

Pregnancy Termination , Abortion can be done up to the 10th week of pregnancy. In addition  the requirement that patients be over the age of 18 allows them to voluntarily consent to such procedures.

How Is Pregnancy Termination Performed?

Today, among the various methods the manual  vacuum method is at the forefront.
In this abortion method, the patient is treated by vacuum  the fetus to terminate the pregnancy.
This method is  healthiest and simplest methods, it is possible for the patient to be treated safely. This method is one of the most preferred methods today in İstanbul.

How long is the legal duration of Pregnancy Termination?

İs possible to legally terminate the pregnancy with such surgeries until the pregnancy is at most 10 weeks.
Legally, it is not possible to apply Pregnancy Termination methods after the 10th Week

How Long Does  Pregnancy Termination Take?

Pregnancy Termination  which is a simple procedure, it is generally possible to treat patients in short periods of time during the treatment phase.
At the same time it is seen that people prefer the  manual vacuum method because the fulfillment of such procedures provides the possibility of abortion within 8-10 minutes.

Is Pregnancy Termination legal in Turkey?

Abortion , Pregnancy Termination is not a prohibited procedure in our country. When done voluntarily the legal limit is 10 weeks and if the couples are married, the consent of both spouses should be obtained in this regard. Although it varies in accordance with the laws of each country, optional termination of pregnancy, that is, abortion, can be legally performed up to 10 weeks in our country. After the 10th week, it is strictly prohibited in our country to make optional transactions.

Pregnancy Termination fees 2022, 2023,2024 İn Turkey

Abortion, Pregnancy Termination fees range from  700, 800 on average. The cost of the Pregnancy Termination procedure may vary depending on factors such as the type of anesthesia and gestational week.


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